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How it Works

Lane Connect helps companies eliminate empty miles from their supply chains by optimizing their networks and collaborating with others across overlapping lanes.

Lane Connect

Conduct a lane-by-lane analysis of your own network to identify opportunities to reduce empty backhaul miles. Discover partners with lane overlap to collaborate with and create win-win scenarios.

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Get Started

Getting started is easy. Here’s how:


Contact us at to opt in to the Lane Connect network.

Provide lane level data

Current FourKites customers can leverage their existing visibility data within the FourKites platform. Non-FourKites customers can manually upload their lane level data based on a template FourKites provides.

Gain FREE access to the Lane Connect platform

With Lane Connect, users can analyze their internal networks to identify opportunities to reduce empty miles.

Identify partners and start collaborating

Sign our order form to start assessing partner opportunities. Billing starts at the first accepted partner request. Then, our partner network evaluation identifies optimal collaborative lanes between partners.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data shared with others?

Partners must jointly agree to share lane data; no data is shared without explicit permission.

I’m not a current customer of FourKites. Can I still use Lane Connect?

Absolutely! You don’t have to use our visibility platform to use Lane Connect. Simply send us your lane level data to get started. Reach out to us at for a data template.

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